Executive Coaching

A highly interactive, goal-oriented, actionable-learning approach to achieving aggressive goals. We support leaders and leadership teams to achieve critical goals by addressing the communication and behavior patterns that are "not working". Initially we clarify the goal and metrics of success. We monitor enthusiasm and effectiveness. Anything that lowers enthusiasm or adds time or stress is used as a learning opportunity. As a result, leaders and teams with advanced problem solving skills become value-added assets to the organization as models of "best practice" leadership and are able to carry the principles and skills forward into additional work situations. In comparing us with other consulting, coaching or training programs, our clients say our work is:

  • More practical, as it focuses on achieving a specific, aggressive goal
  • More structured, as we create action plans that are tracked; executives become accountable for overall progress to the goal as they effectively balance tasks and relationships
  • More thorough, as we address all steps involved in achieving an objective; from articulating a shared goal in a way that garners stakeholder buy-in and alignment, to addressing unproductive behaviors of team members and other challenges that block success
  • More useful, in that we address challenges as they show up in the process of progressing toward a goal; “learnings” are extracted and future protocols set; successes and assets are also acknowledged
  • More powerful, because our program creates sustained behavioral change that holds up under stress and over time; we do this by creating permanent shifts in belief systems that generate more productive emotional / behavioral options

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