Executive Coaching

A&R’s Time Management Program is designed to assist successful individuals achieve even higher levels of effectiveness through a common sense and pragmatic approach to time management, organization and planning. Components are customized and can include:

  • Systems / process to track what needs doing and when it will get done
  • Systematic and efficient daily / weekly / monthly / yearly planning
  • Inbox management (notes, verbal requests, documents)
  • Capturing/communication/management of “to do's”
  • Email inbox strategies
  • Shadowing to identify & update time management strategies
  • Office space organization (and cleaning out)
  • Efficient meetings, project planning, delegation, accountability
  • General tips & strategies
  • Resistance to change

A&R has worked with numerous cross-functional and global teams and we understand and address the pressures this reality places on effective time management. Our program takes individuals from overwhelm/crisis mode to creative/proactive/responsive level of productivity.

In addition, A&R has a customized 5- hour interactive training on “tricks of the trade” to modify Microsoft Outlook task and calendar features so they become effective time management tools . This program is suitable for managers and support personnel.

  • What time management is
  • Creating an overview (your main areas of focus)
  • What gets done (tracking activities me/others)
  • When / how to schedule when these activities take place
  • Prioritization
  • Daily to do list
  • Little understood “tricks of the trade”
  • General Tips