Executive Coaching

The Enneagram personality system is a powerful tool that has been around for centuries and which has just recently been introduced in the business arena, partially through the efforts of A&R Consulting in collaboration with The Enneagram Institute. Unlike most personality systems which are static, the Enneagram offers dynamic insight into how we perform on our best days (when we are in a higher state of being), what automatic behaviors show up when we are not at our best, leadership development strategies (to bring our higher state forward more often), and practical ways to maximize our leadership potential. A&R Consulting has delivered a variety of customized symposiums on the Enneagram in business as it relates to:

  • Overview of different styles
  • Conflict patterns
  • Communication under stress
  • Leadership gifts
  • Change management
  • Interpersonal dynamics (between styles)
  • Team dynamics (given mix of styles)

The Enneagram is incorporated into our ETC! Goal Acceleration.  For selected life coaches and other professionals, A&R is also available on a limited basis to provide one on one education on the Enneagram.

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For more information on Enneagram, please visit www.enneagraminstitute.com.