Effective cross-functional teams must  foster behaviors and communication strategies that build trust vs. bust trust.  Elements to achieve this include: 

  • Articulate the shared goal such that there is passionate engagement by team members
  • Identify barriers to reaching the goal
  • Apply skills that spur creative problem solving
  • Learn skills to address unproductive behaviors to free natural enthusiasm
  • Learn skills to foster new levels of cohesion, trust, and  engagement
  • Celebrate wins
  • Use everything that happens for "learning"
  • Use success to demonatrate a model of a high performance team that others emulate

A&R has applied its ETC! Goal Acceleration program to support cross-functional teams in this way, including cross-cultural teams that operate as global teams, and teams that represent join venture collaboration between companies.

 Make A&R your collaborative partner of choice for supporting cross-company teams. Together we create highly effective teams that learn to reach agressive goals with everymore ease and grace.

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