I am wondering how best to approach the higher-ups at my company about changing the way we work together as a team. Are big corporations open to your feedback?

Our response:

Most of the companies we work with are big corporations that operate globally.

Sometimes people are not receptive in the beginning -- arms crossed, and that sort of thing. However, it quickly turns around when the conversation stays focused on practical ways regarding how to reach goals more successfully.

The best way to approach higher-ups is with the corporation's goals in mind and with concrete data on how "such-and-such" is making the goal difficult to achieve.

Communication also needs to be direct. Sometimes a person might speak to one of us in a dismissive voice (initially) when we are offering our feedback. So we say, “You know, if I worked for you, brought you what I thought was a new idea, and you responded that way, I'd probably not be so willing to bring another idea to you, even if I was convinced it would help us reach the goal.”

Higher-ups respond to that approach, because it is feedback they can hear, and they start to consider how their behavior might need to change so that goals can be reached more easily.

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