Why is it important to make business into a "learning" model?

Our response:

The learning model is the alternative to the “right-wrong” model. We know that the right-wrong model lowers productivity because we know what happens when people start going into fear (ie. the fear of being wrong, the fear of being blamed, the fear of retribution). They withhold information, they shade the truth, they go into a lot of protective kinds of behaviors which waste time and resources.

So if we are not going to operate from a right-wrong model, which produces fear, we need a model that will take us to the next level of evolution in business. That is the learning model, where we’re learning how to reach our goals in more productive ways. In this model, there are no mistakes, there are ONLY wins and learning opportunities. We don’t argue that the learning model is “right”, only that it elevates productivity beyond the “right-wrong” model.

Our ETC! Goal Acceleration program supports individuals and teams in generating this learning culture. Feedback indicates that companies experience productivity increases from 30% to 70% or more as a result of this shift in thought process and associated behaviors.