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Leadership tips for the first 90 days

  • Take a mental break…establish a clear breakpoint…think about letting go of the old job and beginning the new one
  • Set a clear intention to learn.  When a leader fails, it is almost always about a failure to learn.  Create a plan for learning on your new role.
  • Clarify strategy.  Diagnose the situation, clarify the challenges and opportunities and what you will do about it.
  • Secure early wins.  Build credibility to create momentum.    Start with topics that will build credibility, foster key relationships and harvest low hanging fruit.
  • Manage expectations.  Define expectations of you…how will success be measured?
  • Achieve alignment.  Bring structure, processes and competencies into alignment with strategy.
  • Build your team.  Evaluate team members and get the right people into the right jobs.
  • Keep your balance.  Preserve your ability to make good judgments by maintaining your equilibrium.  What’s the specific plan for doing this?
  • Expedite the transition.  Help everyone accelerate the transition…get your new reports up to speed on you quickly…it will help your performance.  Monitor their engagement. Their enthusiasm is a measure of the job you are doing.
  • Establish clear expectations/priorities.  Focus on the what and why and measures of success, not the how it gets done.
  • Communicate clearly what information you need, how often, in what format, to know your people are on course with critical goals.  Your need for information will change as you get to know them, but in the beginning, trust your intuition.  You need to feel secure you and they are on course.