Our newest location is located along the banks of the Miami River, near Brickell City Centre steps from The Underline.

Along with container ships, shrimpers and yachts you will find full moon paddle boarders, rowing skiffs and floating tiki bars. The Miami River area is rapidly developing and at the same time there are sites where historical artifacts as old as the pyramids have been recently unearthed, fostering passionate dialogue on how best to balance all interests.

To celebrate the opening of our new office, and in the spirit of our core value of collaboration, A&R has assisted local cultural historian Christine Michaels with the creation of a short video and proposed solution.

A&R is grateful to Brian Lehmann of The AV department for a fantastic reel in a very short timeframe.
Appreciation to neighbor Fynn Reckhorn for volunteering time to capture drone shots.

To see images of Miami River click here and follow along Judith’s photo blog.


Purpose is to collect views and share with local decision makers. Confidentiality assured – only first name and city where you live will be used as identifying language.

1. How important is its preserving cultural heritage to you?

2. Have you previously been aware of ancient artifacts being discovered along the Miami Riverbanks?

4. Do you support designating the area where artifacts recently found as a UNESCO site?

15 + 3 =