Our Added Value

How Do I 

Create greater impact with fewer resources – and be more resilient in a changing world.

Change the culture so there are fewer unproductive behaviors and greater enthusiasm / creativity / collaboration.

Roll out a new cross-functional process with greater buy in.

Team Coaching

A&R’s team program, ETC! Team Goal Acceleration has supported cross-functional and global teams since 2000 to identify shared goals, deepen commitment and engagement, clarify roles and responsibilities, and remove barriers that add stress, time and resources to achieving significant goals. Our program has also been successful in improving collaboration between companies.

Executive Coaching

A&R’s individual coaching program, ETC! Goal Acceleration supports individuals in a variety of circumstances to reach aggressive goals with greater ‘ease and grace’.

Meetings & Workshops

Enneagram for Leaders and Teams

  • For developing leaders, the enneagram tool is our favorite profile system
  • It looks not only at what we do, but our underlying motivation
  • It’s a self-awareness tool and helps us understand one another’s response to stress
  • Developmentally, the enneagram describes strategies for managing behaviors that don’t work so well, often blind spots
  • A&R customizes the workshop to meet the needs of the team
  • We deliver the workshop F2F and virtually

Pragmatic Communication Skills

  • This powerful workshop addresses how to devise core messages, manage one’s self talk and become aware and adapt body language for greater impact
  • Real work scenarios reflecting day to day work form the basis for practicing delivery, such as influencing without authority in a meeting among peers and effectively enlisting support from senior leaders
  • Video recording in advance of the workshop has everyone focused on what specifically to work on
  • Skills for giving and receiving feedback make this a powerful support tool for intact teams

Cross Cultural Transitions

Whether 1:1 or in workshops, participants:

    • Develop ‘Cultural Intelligence’ – awareness of self and others’ worldview and values
    • Learn how to bridge gaps and communicate effectively with other cultures
    • Mitigate stress of relocation culture shock; help family members do the same
    • Prepare a personal plan to live and work successfully in another culture