About the Book

Making Work Really Work

Working in an environment where you can see ways to accelerate productivity and increase effectiveness, but think you can’t affect them, is arguably the primary reason for job frustration. It makes work less than the rewarding experience it can be, and adds unnecessary time, drains resources and makes every activity more stressful.

In addition to the historic dynamic of job frustration, corporations everywhere are now searching for ways to reach new levels of profitability while upholding core values.

That’s exactly what this book is all about. It details new skills that accelerate productivity-including the ability to use them to address the challenges even while trailblazing.

Using vignettes and real-life experiences, the book describes how readers can Step on The Path and learn to:

  • Spot, then naturally transform, unproductive behaviors so you avoid the trauma and drama that undermine the best results
  • Achieve aggressive results with grace and ease
  • Create an environment where everyone contributes, all wholeheartedly pulling in the same direction
  • Access your inner wisdom so you can creatively problem-solve in the workplace and everywhere
  • Gain the edge by shifting from the “right-wrong” model to the enlightened learning approach
  • Advance to the vanguard of the paradigm shift to accelerated productivity

To show how this can be done, Judith Anderson brings her experience in consulting with Fortune 500 companies and an uncanny insight into behavior in the corporate environment and shows how to transform workplace frustrations into Corporate Nirvana. She deals with some of the most prevalent behaviors and attitudes, from patriarchal CEO’s who say they want honest feedback and then punish those who tell the truth, to corporate cultures where the attitude is “it will never change around here.”

The real magic of the book, though, is that in her uniquely engaging style, Judith illustrates how unconscious, sabotaging behaviors can be overcome. She lets you inside her head and heart to experience the process of transformation to positive results and greater productivity. And she does it so smoothly that you can naturally integrate the keys into your own management style.

THE PATH TO CORPORATE NIRVANA is a must-read for anyone interested in raising their productivity in any situation, including:

  • CEOs/Business leaders who want to lead more effectively
  • Management/executives/team leaders who want to accelerate toward goals
  • People wanting to stay on the vanguard of trends in business and culture
  • Anyone advising others about job frustration and how to address it: educators, coaches, parents
  • Anyone looking to accelerate productivity in any situation

This is a book that will have you heading into work each day with a smile.