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From “Sam”, the patriarch CEO whose ability to kill the messenger doomed him to failure, to “Going, Going, Gong”, Corporate Nirvana offers a compelling story of the self-commitment essential to be an effective leader…

-Donald J. Bowersox

Dean Emeritus, Michigan State University

Unlike most management gurus, Judith Anderson has the confidence of mind and heart to share and learn from her ‘failures’ as well as from her successes. This makes Corporate Nirvana a refreshingly honest and uniquely helpful read…

-Douglas Stone

Co-author of the best-seller of "Difficult Conversations"

I just finished this book and it was TREMENDOUS!! I am a human resources manager with an MBA and enjoy reading business-related books, but this book tops them all. It gets to the REAL reasons for conflict, and does a wonderful job of encouraging us to look at ourselves first before trying to “fix” something in the workplace…

-Cheryl Q. Bane.

Human Resources Manager, Kirkland & Ellis LLP

Judith Anderson has provided an easy-to-read distillation of a remarkable variety of hard-learned lessons as a consultant. She describes a life-long path of learning, while coping with a variety of real and challenging situations. “The Path to Corporate Nirvana” is a useful read for both new team members and experienced executives who sense that there should be a better way to get things done…

-Fred Hassan

Chairman & CEO Schering-Plough Corporation Kenilworth, NJ

Each reader will identify with one or more experiences analyzed by Judith Anderson in “The Path to Corporate Nirvana”. They will also gain perspective on how to address future situations more constructively as a consequence of the author’s poignant insight. Indeed, this work is, as promised, ‘an enlightened approach to accelerated productivity’…

-Frederick Frank

Vice Chairman, Lehman Brothers New York, NY

The Path To Corporate Nirvana is a must read for every business executive and consultant. In a quick read of a few hundred pages, Judith Anderson identifies and solves perhaps the most frustrating business problems – achieving changes, dealing with executive resistance, overcoming bullying, building successful meeting dynamics – by sharing an amazingly intuitive change process…

-Robert Sabath

Director, Deloitte & Touche Management Solutions Services

I found The Path to Corporate Nirvana both captivating and extremely worthwhile. The personalized style of writing was so enjoyable I found myself totally engrossed in the book. The vignettes portrayed real life experiences to which we can all relate…

-L. Merill Bryan, Jr.

Senior VP & CIO,Union Pacific Corporation Omaha, NB

The most important facet of The Path to Corporate Nirvana, and the facet which makes it eminently readable, is that the author, in addition to describing the situation, also describes her thoughts, feelings and what she learned and how she then used that learning to change her thoughts, feelings and actions…

-Bill Foster

President of Foster Coaching Bernardsville, NJ

Anderson hones in on and stays focused on the reality of the workplace neglected or left as a vague assumption in most business books — namely, a corporate workplace is a human community, and as such, human nature and behavior significantly affect it…

-Henry Barry

Small Press Book Review Southport, CT

I just finished Corporate Nirvana and love it — I’ve been recommending it to everyone…I’ve applied some concepts and they really do work…

-Karen Narasaki

Executive Director, Asian American Justice Center

Anderson “gets it”! Productivity always comes back to individual performance, courage, taking risks and speaking the truth, and The Path to Corporate Nirvana is perfect!..

-Philip E. Humbert, PhD.

Author, Speaker, Success Strategist