Industries where A&R Consulting has depth and experience include:



Financial Services /Insurance


Non Profit


Dr. Bruce Cooper

Participation in A&R's Leadership Development program moved members of our leadership team to a strong belief that anything is possible.

Clifford F. Lynch

Judith Anderson demonstrates the unique ability to cut to the chase with insights to effect more productive behavior in colleagues and, more importantly, oneself.

Peter Wenner

I would highly recommend Judith Anderson to any team that needs to undergo change while having a requirement to maintain their output.

Tim Cooper

Jim Rust took mountains of our data and in a short time turned it into the information we wanted to set targets and achieve customer outcomes.

Michelle Zupancic

We brought in Judith Anderson and her team to work with us and a co-marketing partner to help turn-around a relationship that was filled with tension and distrust.  With their assistance, we were able to make major strides in improving not only the relationship but overall business results.  

John Nienow

Working with A&R Consulting over many assignments was and continues to be a great experience.

Bjorn Bolinder

The learnings through Judith (A&R) never leave you.

A Coaching Client

Hopefully, as you read this today, you will take a minute to stop and reflect on how much you are appreciated by those you are coaching.

Barclay Hopes

We have continued our outstanding year with another excellent month in June. . . But the story here goes beyond what we have done; what is really interesting is how we have learned to do it with A&R's assistance.

Marie Adler-Kravecas

We have always been a company where loyalty counts -- a family company. 

Marketing Director, Top 10 Pharma

Thank you for a great meeting today! We were able to cover quite a bit of ground.

Director Contracting, Top 10 Pharma

This really helped us see the process in its entirety.

Robert B. Jones

The retreat was an extraordinary experience and exceeded all our expectations.

Karen Narasaki

I just finished Judith's book and love it - I've been recommending it to everyone.

Dr. Tri L Phuong

Christine Chui enabled us to grow our enterprise leadership with Asia Medical Affairs Council, coached and uplifted my leadership capability to help me work effectively with my peers and to lead great teams across Asia.

Helen Tipping

Sessions with Susan enabled me to think about who I am, how I am with others and how I can become more effective in leading teams and projects. It also provided me with greater self-awareness, so that I can interpret my surroundings and tune in to what is really going on around me. 

Mary Alice Dwyer

Peggy's insight into who I am as a person and as a leader helped me to see new opportunity and approaches in so many work situations.  Truly opened new doors and opportunities.


Functional areas where we have clients:



Supply Chain


Research & Development



Human Resources

Senior Management

Partial List of Clients

Albert’s Organics, CA

AstraZeneca  UK, US, Sweden, Austrailia, Asia

Biogen  MA, Switzerland

Burger King, FL

Cardinal Health Care, NJ

Celgene / BMS  NJ

CorMedix, NJ

Children’s Aid and Family Services, NJ

Chubb Insurance, NJ


Deutsche Bank, NYC

Health Adances  MA

Hoffmann-La Roche / Genentech, NJ, Switzerland, CA, Greece, LatAM, Asia

Johnson & Johnson, NJ

Michael J Fox Foudation  NY

Myron Corporation, NJ

Sanofi – Aventis, NJ & France

Schneider National, WI

Stolt-Nielsen, CT

(Confidential)  Private Equity Capital Firm NY