“The experience was one of the most insightful and powerful transformational experiences we have shared…”

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“…unique ability to cut to the chase with insights to effect more productive behavior in colleagues and, more importantly, oneself.”

I would highly recommend Judith Anderson to any team that needs to undergo change while having a requirement to maintain their output.
Peter Wenner

Working with A&R Consulting was a great experience.

John Nienow

Peggy’s insight into who I am as a person and as a leader helped me to see new opportunity and approaches in so many work situations. Truly opened new doors and opportunities.
Mary Alice Dwyer


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Hiring and Promoting Self-Aware Leaders

“First Who, Then What” is an idea discussed in the Jim Collin’s book Good to Great. It is the healthiest of (any) personality…

Relationship Age

A & R Consulting heralds the Relationship Age as the next accelerated advance in business productivity …

Enneagram and You

The Enneagram personality system is a powerful tool that has been recently has been introduced in the business arena …


The Corporate Path to Nirvana

After The Path to Corporate Nirvana was published in 2003, an Amazon reviewer said it should have been called The Corporate Path to Nirvana. He was right. Some days at work are filled with frustrations, challenges and irritations – times when we want to throw something at a wall or unload on the nearest target. Then there are the good days, when a team we are part of has a win, our work is well received, we

Feeling Feelings

This month’s Nirvana Nugget is about emotions. The truth is, if you want to feel joy, you must be willing to feel anger. But for some of us, feeling upset feelings like annoyance, irritation, fear and takes training. I remember a time when asked a mundane question for the third time, I shouted “No thank you”, with emphasis on ‘no’ rather than ‘thank you’. A bit late

Featured Workshops

Enneagram for Leaders and Teams

  • For developing leaders, the enneagram tool is our favorite profile system
  • It looks not only at what we do, but our underlying motivation
  • It’s a self-awareness tool and helps us understand one another’s response to stress
  • Developmentally, the enneagram describes strategies for managing behaviors that don’t work so well, often blind spots
  • A&R customizes the workshop to meet the needs of the team
  • We deliver the workshop F2F and virtually

    Cross Cultural Transitions

    Whether 1:1 or in workshops, participants

      • Develop ‘Cultural Intelligence’ – awareness of self and others’ world view and values
      • Learn how to bridge gaps and communicate effectively with other cultures
      • Mitigate stress of cultural shock; Help family members do the same
      • Prepare a personal plan to live and work successfully in another culture

    Pragmatic Communication Skills

    • This powerful workshop addresses how to devise core messages, manage one’s self talk and become aware and adapt body language for greater impact
    • Real work scenarios reflecting day to day work form the basis for practicing delivery, such as influencing without authority in a meeting among peers and effectively enlisting support from senior leaders
    • Video taping in advance of the workshop has everyone focused on what specifically to work on
    • Skills for giving and receiving feedback make this a powerful support took for intact teams