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The Author Judith Anderson

Judith Anderson is the founder of Anderson & Rust (AndersonRust.com), a consulting firm to senior level management at Fortune 500 companies.

Ms. Anderson holds a Master of Science degree in Economics and a Master of Arts degree in Spiritual Psychology. She combines the logic of economics and the wisdom of spiritual psychology to create new techniques for accelerating productivity in the workplace.


Some of the assignments Judith Anderson is typically engaged in include:

  • Raising the intensity of passion at all levels of the organization
  • Getting a management team to “go to the next level”
  • Working with a key executive whose talents are appreciated, but whose “unproductive behaviors are too disruptive”
  • Aligning competitive departments around a shared goal
  • Assisting a management team in capitalizing on a key market opportunity


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Judith Anderson is an expert in the enlightened approach to accelerating productivity in the corporate environment. She shares her innovative insights with enthusiasm, expertise and eloquence.

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She can be reached at:
Tel: (201) 236-0503
Fax: (201) 934-7426


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