This months Nirvana Nugget is about emotions.  The truth is, if you want to feel joy, you must be willing to feel anger.  But for some of us, feeling upset feelings like annoyance, irritation, fear and takes training.

I remember a time when asked a mundane question for the third time, I shouted “No thank you”, with emphasis on no rather than thank you.  A bit later, the person asked if I was angry, and I said with a snarl, “I am not angry”.  About a week later, I remember wondering, hmm…what if that sensation in my body…heated flushed head/knotted belly…was anger, because I feel that way a lot.

The thing is, feelings are physical. But sometimes through culture, personality or family values, we can disconnect the brains understanding of the word anger from what is happening in the body in terms of physical sensation.  Then anger becomes an idea, but we don’t know when we are feeling it.

The good news is this reconnection is rather easy to recreate.  Emotional Intelligence can be learned. Check out the Sedona Method for one proven method.  Or, simply lie on the floor with curiosity about the sensations you are feeling.  The pay off for  ever deeper connections with your emotional self is huge.