The Corporate Path to Nirvana

After The Path to Corporate Nirvana was published in 2003, an Amazon reviewer said it should have been called The Corporate Path to Nirvana. He was right. Some days at work are filled with frustrations, challenges and irritations - times when we want to throw something at a wall or unload on the nearest target. Then there are the good days, when a team we are part of has a win, our work is well received, we

20 March 16:42
Feeling Feelings

 This month's Nirvana Nugget is about emotions.  The truth is, if you want to feel joy, you must be willing to feel anger.  But for some of us, feeling upset feelings like annoyance, irritation, fear and takes training.  I remember a time when asked a mundane question for the third time, I shouted "No thank you", with emphasis on 'no' rather than 'thank you'.  A bit late

July 11, 2017